Ep. 01: Brighter Retirement Radio Kick-Off

Brighter Wealth Retirement

Intro about the episode:

Hi everyone and welcome to the Brighter Retirement Radio™ Podcast. Making your retirement years Bigger, Better, and Brighter means adding confidence and purpose in what you do. Hear stories from other charitable boomers just like you about how they are finding purpose by reaching out to others and donating their time and money during their retirement  Also, hear from industry-leading professionals that help others find confidence in all areas of their retirement. Tune in each week on Thursday Mornings to hear another great episode of the Brighter Retirement Radio™ Podcast.


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Welcome to Brighter Retirement Radio, a retirement education podcast for charitable boomers. Host, Devin Peterson, explains the purpose of the podcast as well as what will be discussed in the first episode. There are specifically two things shared in this episode. The first one is, who are you and what makes a charitable boomer? And the second thing is, who am I and why am I here talking to you?

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Devin explains that a charitable boomer is someone just like you that’s working up to or into retirement. Someone that is between 55 and 70 years old or born between 1950 and 1965. A charitable boomer is a baby boomer but more involved. A charitable boomer is someone that desires to donate their time, their talents, and their resources to charity or others. He goes on to explain that to be charitably inclined means you’re responsible, you’re wise, you’re conservative, and you care about the resources that you have been given up to this point in your life.

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Furthermore, Devin explains who a charitable boomer is. A charitable boomer is someone who likes to smile and who is ready to enjoy retirement.

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Devin explains more about himself personally and professionally. Professionally, he is the president and founder of Brighter Wealth, which is a retirement consulting and conservative wealth management firm in Utah, as well as the founder and educator inside of the Brighter Wealth Academy. The Academy side is the educational side.

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Brighter Wealth is separated into several proprietary processes that help you as a charitable boomer accomplish what you’re seeking to accomplish. These are concepts like brighter giving, brighter conversions, and then this powerful tool called Attack Story which will be featured on an upcoming podcast episode. This podcast is an extension of the academy, which the academy is the platform for charitable boomers to access, do it yourself, educational content that can be implemented on your own or with your advisor team.

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Professionally, Devin is a retirement income certified professional or an RICP designation. He has been in financial planning and private wealth management for the last seven years and loves connecting with people and diving into the retirement aspects that influence a quality or better or brighter retirement. He is also an instructor of the Retirement Wealth Academy program and platform and teaches monthly retirement finance education courses locally in Utah.

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Personally, Devin is a husband to his beautiful wife and a father to five children. He is a  marathoner and loves marathons, ultra-marathons, and triathlons.

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Devin shares the two questions that will be asked of every guest that is on the podcast. The first question is, “What makes you feel alive?” The second question is, “How do you stay relevant in your life?”

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Answering these for himself, Devin explains that having a challenge in his life is extremely beneficial and makes him feel alive. In his personal life, oftentimes that shows up in preparation for races. He explains a time when he was preparing for the Boston Marathon which has a specific qualifying time which was a large goal. It took Devin several races and failures to be able to work up to qualifying for that race. That large challenge helped him feel alive in his professional life.


Devin explains that as a retirement consultant, the challenge of tackling a giant story problem makes him feel alive like when he was in college and had to solve large story problems which is essentially what his job is. Another thing that makes him feel alive is being out in nature, anytime he’s out running and breathing in the mountain air or running on the beach, it makes him feel alive and at peace.

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Devin explains why he asks all the guests on the podcast the second question, “How do you stay relevant in your life?” He realized after many years of working with retirees that if people don’t stay relevant in their families, in their community, in their church, they tend to dwindle and die sooner.

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For Devin, staying relevant in his life comes through creativity. Showing up with his wife and children and creating opportunities for them to learn life’s principles, creating an experiential education for them helps him feel very relevant in his role as a father and as a husband. Providing opportunities for clients and students to show up and learn a complicated concept and have him simplify that down is a way that Devin shows up in his own creativity.This podcast is another way for him to feel relevant in his life and feel his creativity. Devin ends the podcast by thanking his listeners and inviting them to subscribe and listen to the next episode.