Brighter 360 Plan

Why every retiree should have one

During uncertain times a comprehensive retirement plan will give you the confidence to retire with a smile.

Peace of mind doesn’t come from a specific product or investment. It comes from the strategy of all of the elements of your retirement plan working together.

Your next step toward creating this type if plan is easier than you think and only requires partnering with the right advisory team.

Brighter Giving™

Charitable giving feels good, does good, and can be good for your retirement finances if you plan with intention and purpose. Brighter Giving™ is a tax advantaged charitable giving strategy that helps individuals identify, position, and maximize the economic benefit of charitable donations.


Brighter Conversions™

Smart tax planning is an essential part of modern retirement income planning. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created an opportunity to potentially minimize the amount of income tax paid for tax-deferred accounts and maximize tax-exempt account balances. Brighter Conversions™ is a smart tax planning process that helps individuals understand and take advantage of their current tax bracket while reducing their risk of future tax increases.

Digital Educational Content

Knowledge is Power. Before you make any financial or retirement decisions you should first seek to educate yourself.

Join our YouTube Channel to stay up-to-date on the latest financial and retirement topics.

Topics include:
- How are Social Security Benefits Taxed?
- 3 "Must Knows" about RMDs.
- What is a Qualified Charitable Distribution?

Retirement Planning

Find confidence in your Retirement. Whether you are years before retirement or years into retirement, come find how to make it Brighter.

Charitable Planning

How you give can make a difference in your fulfillment. And planning to give in retirement with purpose can make those years Brighter.

Investment Services

Efficient & Low Cost investments can make for a Brighter account balance. Lower your risk and increase your benefit. Come learn how.

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